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International Business Plan

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Executive Summary
In Vietnam market – home market of Trung Nguyen, currently, Trung Nguyen is the largest Vietnamese coffee company with many delicious and well-known types of coffee such as Chon Coffee, Mocha or G7 which make customers “be addicted to” and attract more and more foreign tastes. Besides, Vietnamese coffee is the famous one in all around the world. Thus, Trung Nguyen has exported its products to many countries in over the world such as Cambodia, Laos and American in term of globalizing its products as well as Trung Nguyen’s business. Moreover, as we researched, Romania seems to be a potential market for Trung Nguyen’s product to establish and develop. This paper is the business plan for Trung Nguyen Company while considering and analyzing many important issues and aspects about globalizing to enter into a new market in a new country - Romania. At first, the report will provides an overview of the country-Romania in term of Geography, population, government, economic and society. In general, Romania is a peace and stable country. Moreover, they seem to be interested in heavy coffee taste and love to spend time to enjoy life. Furthermore, the climate in Romania is pretty comfortable and the political situation is quiet stable with a safe social circumstance. Hence, Romania could be a “right” place for Trung Nguyen to launch its products there. Next, the plan will draw a detail picture about current situation of Trung Nguyen Company and its chosen products. At first, the overview about company, vision and mission statement will be presented, and then organization structure will be demonstrated detailed to position the company itself. Following this session, the chosen product while entering into Romania market will be come up next. Particularly, then, the marketing strategies-4P’s will be focused on to introduce its products to the new market- Romania. Especially, the price session will be concentrated on the most with 2 main strategies: cost-based pricing and new product pricing strategy under the aim to attract more customers and increase sale. Moreover, in order to increase Brand Awareness in Romania, the promotion campaign will come up to advertise and build closer relationship with the potential customers such as Event Sponsorship strategies for many Public relation events. Throughout these sessions, Trung Nguyen would have ability to “win” the potential targeted market- Romania successfully. Thirdly, the next part analyses about the Business Environment in Romania. This section is divided into 3 main parts: Business practices and cultures, Social and Economic Conditions and Competitors Analysis. The business practices and cultures session will go deeper into the culture aspect: DO’s and DON’T while doing business in Romania by applying Hofstede strategy. Following the business practices and culture session, the social and economic conditions sector will come up next with detail...
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