Trung Nguyen Coffee

Topics: Strategic management, Starbucks, Strategic planning Pages: 14 (5173 words) Published: May 31, 2013
I. Introduction
Trung Nguyen coffee serves as the biggest strategic business unit of the entire coffee market. There are other known coffee companies under the enterprise including Dick smith and Murphy. The Trung Nguyen coffee brand is young compared to the enterprise because it came into being in the recent years but the entire enterprise established in the year in the early 90’s. Trung Nguyen coffee brand is international and it has big stores in New Zealand and Australia and each branch containing over one hundred and seventy employees. As a result, it is the most recognized and trusted brand in many countries serving millions of customers every day during breakfast or any other coffee time. For the past thirty years, Trung Nguyen coffee has committed to provide wide range of good quality products, which come alongside guarantees. Their products satisfy the need of customers regardless of social status as they come with lower prices as compared to the rest. The main research question is that of why Trung Nguyen coffee as a new company in the coffee industry has to introduce the new Trung Nguyen coffee in the market. The coffee company has a strong mission, which is to offer clients with every day solution to their endeavors and at the same time provide them with energy. Trung Nguyen coffee motivates individuals who work early in the morning and late at night. What makes the item for consumption more recommendable to many is that it contains no additive and it is not as addictive as other coffee brands. That means it has almost zero percent of caffeine. Another advantage is that it is not continuous and only works at the time of use (Paul, H. 1997). Trung Nguyen coffee is a natural product and has no side effects despite its rapid action in boosting energy. Identification of the market where the company wants the product get an upper hand is an ingredient of market segmentation. Presently, many coffee brands are highly addictive and contain components that are addictive to the user. To those who fear chemicals and value natural products, Trung Nguyen coffee is their ultimate choice (Hardy, J. 2010). The product has some qualities that make it penetrate widely in the market. This makes it easier for the marketing manager to introduce it without necessarily concentrating on the price. The fact that it contains natural ingredients gives it a reason to set low prices. This is strength to the company and one can argue out that the natural products are locally and widely available at low costs. It however faces some weaknesses in the view of the fact that it is new in the market and there are already other dominating products in the industry (Hardy, J. 2010). If the company’s weaknesses combine with the strengths, more opportunities will emerge. Some of the opportunities could be global financial crisis. This is where the extension of working hours could come in handy. The decision aims zero-rating the recession rate. The most important aspect of marketing is ensuring that there is the availability of the product to all the clients who want it. The main tool for promoting Trung Nguyen coffee is creation of awareness of a new product or one that has been in existence but has in the lost marketability in the past. In business, promotion of products regardless of age in the market is very important. With this, there are various reasons that come with it including the creation of awareness in new products, increase in demand, positioning, competition outperformance and establishment of brand equity (Hardy, J. 2010). Since the Trung Nguyen coffee a new product in the market, what will matter most is the advertisement to create more awareness and recognition. The advertisement in subject includes media, word of mouth, marketing directly and free samples. Since it is product fit for human consumption, many will go for it if given the chance to taste in small quantities and not necessarily spending a coin....
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