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Topics: Electricity market, Electricity distribution, Electricity generation Pages: 5 (1682 words) Published: February 22, 2013
1. The introduction
* Name:
- Full name: Vietnam Electricity Group.
- International name: Vietnam Electricity.
- Abbreviation: EVN.
* Establishment:
- Date: 10/10/1994.
- Founder: Vietnam government.
- Headquarts: 18 Tran Nguyen Hoan, Ly Thai To, Hoan Kiem, Ha Noi. * Logo:

* Company:
_ General Corporation of Electric: 5 corporations
+ Northern Power Corporation (EVN NPC)
+ Southern Power Corporation (EVN SPC)
+ Central Power Corporation (EVN CPC)
+ Power Corporation of Hanoi (EVN HANOI)
+ Power Corporation of Ho Chi Minh City (EVN HCMC)
_ Members Companies:
+ NPT (National Power Transmission Corporation)
+ Hoa Binh hydroelectric plant
+ University of Electric Power
+ Ho Chi Minh city College of Electric Power
+ College of Central Electricity
* Contact:
- Phone: (84-4) 2.2201371.
- Fax: (84-4) 2.2201369.
- Website:
2. Activities
+ Fields of business: Production, transmission and export power. + Other sectors:
• Education: University of Electric Power, Ho Chi Minh City College of Electric Power, Central Electricity College is a member of the group. • Telecommunications: Electricity Telecommunications Company and mobile networks, Internet services. • Finance and banking: EVN is a shareholder of An Binh Commercial Bank. • Vietnam Energy Institute is a research institute in the field of power attached to EVN. Up to now, Electric industry still has high monopoly. Vietnam Electric Group (EVN) is single buyer and single seller in the market. EVN’s functions are deciding and orienting strategies to develop the electric industry, the electric project, balancing the supply and the demand. With an important role in the electric industry, EVN can decide almost all problems, such as where the electric is bought, how much the price is, etc. II. THE SUPPLY OF THE ELECTRIC INDUSTRY

According to EVN, in the March 2012, the national power system operation, the electric supply is safe and stable. The power output of system reached 10.03 billion kWh (in which hydropower accounted for 34.4%, 24.2% coal, gas-fired power 39.25%). Average power output is 323.5 million kWh per a day. The highest output is 342.48 million kWh per day (20th March) and the highest capacity is 16,513 MW. We have 2 main sources to produce electricity: hydroelectric power, thermoelectric power. However, we depend on the hydroelectric power more, that is why we often lack of the electricity every dry season. In development plant, the density of the hydroelectric power will decrease gradually and the density of thermoelectric power will increase. The noticeable feature in the graph below, this is appearance and contribution of new power sources: nuclear power and renewable power. Besides the domestic power, EVN still have to import from China was 4.65 billion kWh

National grid is operating with a voltage of high T-500kV, 220kV and 110kV and medium voltage 35 kV and 6 kV. All 500KV and 220KV transmission lines are managed by the National Power Transmission Corporation, the distribution grid at a voltage of 110 kV and high-voltage power grid at a voltage of 6 kV to 35 kV are managed by the domain power companies. Table 1. Amount of transmission lines and stations to be added into the national grid for the period 2010-2030 Items| Unit| 2009| 2011-2015| 2016-2020| 2021-2025| 2026-2030| 500kV Station| MVA| 7,500| 17,100| 24,400| 24,400| 20,400| 220Kv Station| MVA| 19,094| 35,863| 39,063| 42,775| 53,250| 500kV Line| Km| 3,438| 3,833| 4,539| 2,234| 2,724|

220kV Line| Km| 8,497| 10,637| 5,305| 5,552| 5,020|
In order to satisfy the power demand, the Government of Viet Nam has set specific targets for production and import of electricity. In the Master Plan VII for the period 2010-2020 Vision 2030 goals include: * Manufacturing and importing a total of 194-210 billion kWh by 2015, 330-362 billion kWh by 2020 and 695-834 billion kWh in 2030. * Prioritize the...
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