Trung Nguyen Approach Strategies

Topics: Coffee, Marketing, Coffee preparation Pages: 4 (1435 words) Published: December 14, 2012, Market Penetration strategy:

With a vision in potential emerging Vietnamese market, where GDP per capita is only 250$ in 1995 (2010 is $1200), Trung Nguyen Coffee was established in Buon Ma Thuoc for strategy to become world-class branch name dominating the national and international market. In 1998, Trung Nguyen Coffee started to penetrate Sai Gon market- economic center of Vietnam. However, they have gotten for a long time the failure until the events for 10 days free was celebrated and so, they marked the first really success. Noticed that, Trung Nguyen Coffee was not hesitate step into the market strategy to persuade potential customer by giving the faith information about the value and quality of real Viet coffee. The range of marketing activities of Trung Nguyen Coffee likes exhibitions, sampling events and showroom was releases to introduce their product and led customer enjoy Trung Nguyen Coffee styles. Trung Nguyen also has maintained the development of “Strategic Triangle “. It can be said that Trung Nguyen is the successful branch name of Vietnam in recent years even many international articles believe that it can be compete with Starbucks- the biggest chain of coffee store in the world. And within 5 years, from a small store in Buon Ma Thuoc, Trung Nguyen Coffee already become the first company in Vietnam has franchises...
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