Truman Show - Extended Response

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  • Published : May 10, 2012
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By Welton Hau

Truman’s world – Seahaven
This is the world that is created for Truman and the viewers. We as Weir’s audience see this world just as the viewers within The Truman Show see it. The creator of this world, Christof has incorporated every little detail in this world, so as to not allow Truman to reveal the secret of his life. To say the least, Seahaven is what a perfect, normal, everyday life would be for someone. We see a lot of product placements within Truman’s world. This not only supports Christof, as it should, but it supports Weir’s financial obligations as well.

Christof’s world – Control Booth (The Moon)
Chrstof, the name is very symbolic in that, it contains the name “Christ”. Christ being son of the creator of heaven and Earth. Christof observes Truman through a series of camera’s placed around the world. “Within the vicinity of about 5000 cameras”. Some as small as the hole on a button of a t-shirt. We know this by the fact that the monitors around the Control Booth, shows a different location of Truman’s world. Christof manipulates Truman’s world and even Truman himself. Everything that happens on set is reinforced by fake messages either through the radio or TV. We as Weir’s audience gets a feel of Christof’s power when he says “Queue the sun”. It shows that he can even manipulate time within his world.

Viewers’ World – Audience
During the movie, there are cutaway scenes were it cuts away directly from Truman’s world to the viewers’ world. This allows us to see the reactions on the viewers’ faces as something happens in Truman’s world. Images such as “The Truman Bar” written on an apron suggests that she’s not apart of Truman’s world, as it would give away that he is living in a “fake” world. Sometimes the use of dialogue can represent the viewers’ world, in that someone could be saying how “Truman shouldn’t do this”, or “Truman, don’t go there!”.

Weir’s purpose is to inform and...
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