Truman Show

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  • Published : November 8, 2010
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Films allow viewers to see things from a new perspective

Drama resembles our everyday life. Entertainment allows us to forget about our problems and worries and perhaps the viewers watch films to find the solutions to their problems and want recognitions. Thus, films change the viewer’s beliefs and perspective. This is apparent in the film The Truman Show by Peter Weir, which follows the daily life of Truman Burbank though the aid of cameras. The audience of the show “Trumania” (show in the movie) are drawn to Truman’s innocence and are in a positive cycle of watching the show. Throughout the film, the viewers are able to adapt to a new perspective by the use of themes of media’s manipulation of the individual and reality vs allusion. The film also raises perspectives on moral and ethical values which are brought up by the actions of the character of Christof. This creates a sense of realism of the world being portrayed.

Media distorts our values, influencing the viewers to schedule their lives around television. The theme of media’s manipulation on the individual is an aspect which allows the viewers to change around their perspectives. Nowadays, the society is very much dependent on commercial mediums. They are so engaged in their television shows without realising how commercial images are being implanted on our brains and that we no longer have the capacity to make our own judgements on products or services. This can be related to the number of times, the character of Meryl (Truman’s wife) starts to randomly “advertise” the product she is using to Truman which is actually intended for the purpose of the show. The composer’s close up shot of the products while she is advertising the product and Meryl looking directly looking at the camera suggests the involvement of media everywhere we go. Films furthermore warn us that the media has too much control over our lives, this can be seen in the last scene of the film, there is an extreme close up of the...
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