Truman Show

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  • Published : November 21, 2006
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Images are pervading forces that sculpt our attitudes and beliefs about our world, our community & ourselves through media production. Through my study of Peter Weir's The Truman Show, Turkan's article "An insider reveals the truth about Big brother" published in the Daily Telegraph & Pink Floyd's song "Wish you were here", I have learnt the powerful message of how the media can manipulate audience's responses. Weir has successfully used film techniques along with powerful symbols, lighting & dialogue to convey the extent of the media manipulation so that in turn, the audiences do not gullibly "accept the reality of the world with which we are presented."

The opening scene of the "Tru Talk" shows the artificiality of the Truman's world. This long shot of sun rising over Seahaven shows the constructed nature of the environment. The paranoiac shot of the building of studio creates a sense of sameness. The dialogue "It's the Truman Show" is used to create an image of Truman being manipulated. Christof's dialogue "5000 cameras" highlight the artificiality. Another important image to show the fakeness of Truman's world is the fact that Sylvia & Christof are both shown (at the end of the scene) to touch Truman through the TV screen.

A montage of Truman's life, coupled by the voice over of Mike Michaelson. "The world stood still for that stolen Kiss" With additional synchronised music serves to highlight the insidious nature of the media. The personification of the world standing still epitomises how the media has been successful in manipulating its audience. The fast paced urgent music, similar to that of a news report, also portrays the importance of " The Truman Show".

Another important feature is the power of Christof over Truman. The closed frame of Truman being minuscule on the top right hand corner of the TV juxtaposed against Christof on the entire screen presents the imbalance. This is also reflected from the body language & tone which is shown...
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