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Topics: The New Yorker, Truman Capote, Harper Lee Pages: 3 (959 words) Published: April 3, 2011
Truman Capote was best known for his vivacious and eccentric way of life, as well as his works in the 20th Century. While reading his first novel ever printed by him, Other Voices, Other Rooms, the characters and story line that Capote created was one that would clearly strike a touching insolence to many readers. Not only does Capote fascinate readers with his life, but also with the heart of life and nostalgia that is created when reading any of his work. Capote’s writing career began very prematurely and increased throughout the years of his life. Once Capote finished school, he began writing for The New Yorker and eventually started writing short stories. At the age of seventeen, magazines published many of his stories, which eventually ended up leading to him writing his first novel. Capote ended up writing his first novel, Other Voices, Other Rooms, in 1948 and it brought almost instantaneous awareness and disgrace. Although it was not one of his most accepted novels, it without doubt got him on the right path. Truman Capote was born on September 30, 1924, where his life began in New Orleans, Louisiana, where he spent very little of his life (Jacob197). At the age of only four years old, Capote’s parents were divorced. Capote’s mother, Lillie Faulk, then left him to be raised by her family while she went to go become a star (Pimpton 7). Her family lived in Monroeville, Alabama, where Capote spent most of his life living amongst his aunts, uncles, cousins and his friends. People actually consider that when Truman’s mother neglected him, it was the establishment of their relationship in the future (Biography). Throughout his life, Capote grew up being influenced by many of his family members and other peers that bounded him in the small town of Monroeville. It wasn’t until 1933, that Capote’s mother intended to bring her son to come live with her and her new husband Joe Capote in Manhattan, New York. Capote abandoned the countryside life in Monroe and...
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