True Story of Hercules' Uncle

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  • Published : April 24, 2013
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Karina Hurtado
Mrs. Bristow
English 11, per. 3
27, October 2012

The True Story

You have all heard the story of Hercules, am I right? You know the one where I’m, Hercules' handsome talented uncle, seen as "the bad guy". Well in all honesty I'm the good guy! Everything you heard was just another lie so Disney could make a quick buck. They decided to change the whole story because apparently the original wasn’t “interesting” enough for them. But everything I did was to try to make Hercules' life a lot easier. Is it my fault everyone was force fed lies? I don’t think so! I personally blame Disney for getting the stories mixed up and ruining my reputation, but ill let you guys decide. It all started when Hercules was born, my brother Zeus was throwing Hercules a “welcome to the world” type of party. When everyone saw baby Hercules we were all shocked, but no one said a word. We all noticed that Hercules was born with some sort of disease that made him all strong and muscular but no one wanted to be rude and point it out. So I thought I should take matters into my own hands and put the poor child out of his misery, but before I got the chance to give Hercules a baby bottle with a potion that would rid him of his power, so he wouldn’t look like a child on steroids, he grabbed my finger and squeezed it so hard that I dropped it. But I had to do something, I wasn’t just trying to get rid of Hercules’ powers to save him from being picked on in school when he got older but I was also trying to save his parents because there’s no greater struggle than to raise a child with a disability. So I decided to take it a step further, later that night I sent my two minions, Pain and Panic, back to Mount Olympus to get baby Hercules and bring him down to earth. Once they were on earth I told them to give Hercules the bottle I tried to give him at the party but suddenly Amphitryon and Alcmene, an elderly couple, came by and stopped them just before Hercules...
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