True Religion - Social and Corporate Responsibilites Essay

Topics: Social responsibility, Corporate social responsibility, Business ethics Pages: 3 (971 words) Published: February 24, 2013
Ethics and Corporate Social Responsibility

True Religion Apparel, Inc.

Forbes Magazine listed True Religion Apparel, Inc. as #79 on its list of America’s Best Small Companies. The company was founded by Jeffery Lubell in 2002 where he started out selling his high-quality American made denim products out of a van in LA. The company now has expanded to six continents and boasts and impressing 439 million dollars (as of October 2012). I believe that True Religion Apparel, Inc. is one of America’s best from an ethics and corporate social responsibility because they truly mean business in their Code of Conduct, Corporate Responsibility Code, and their company profile. They also have a counterfeit product(s) guidelines policy. True Religion’s Code of Conduct states specifically that integrity, accountability, and fair dealings are critical to its future success. True Religion’s Code summarizes certain laws and ethical policies that apply to all of their employees, as well as their officers and directors. They follow a “when in doubt, ask” guideline. True Religion has compliance officers named Peter Collins and Deborah Greaves that employees can utilize if they have any ethical or values concerns. The company states in its Code that they encourage open and honest discussions with these 2 compliance officers. I think that it really shows that True Religion cares about their employees and their decision-making skills by even having the compliance officers available. Not many companies have these types of officers; True Religion also has a HR department as well.

Per the Code of Conduct, there is a section about Compliance with applicable Laws section that states employees are to conduct themselves (as well as their activities) in an ethical manner. I think this shows that True Religion carefully selections quality employees with great integrity. It shows that True Religion cares about the type of people they hire to represent their company. The...
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