True Love

Topics: Love, Poetry, Literature Pages: 2 (635 words) Published: November 27, 2010
Laura Dabrowski
English 1110
Mr. Anderson
30 November, 2010
I Love You.
True love. Many of us have our own interpretation on love, let alone true love. For some people love comes easy, but for others it can be the most complicated thing in the world. Seeing cute couples walking down the street and holding hands might make matters worse in fact you might even tend to get a little bit jealous, or discouraged, but remember its a normal feeling.

In the poem, “True Love,” by Wislawa Szymborska, love is depicted as a revolting and repulsive act looked upon by the public. Szymborska questions true love, asking, “Is it normal, / is it serious, is it practical?” (1-2) With all the time and effort that is put into love, most would wonder about the same things. The poet begins to criticize those in love that are “Placed on the same pedestal for no good reason, drawn randomly from millions” (5-6). Those who are envious of couples in love often feel this way too, wondering why it couldn’t be them instead. She says that it is unfair that love chooses only some, "disrupt our painstakingly erected principles” (12).

Szymborska speaks badly of love by saying, “Look at the happy couple. Couldn’t they at least try to hide it, fake a little depression for their friends’ sake!”(14-16) Everyone, at some point in time, has felt awkwardly around an overly affectionate couple, but secretly wishes that it were their cheeks receiving kisses in public.

Szymborska’s opinion on the subject is similar to many peoples’ these days, however, even though she shows a direct hatred for the subject of love, it never is doubted in the poem that true love does exist. She asks if love is "really necessary,”(27) stating that “Perfectly good children are born without its help” (30). She goes on to say that those who do not believe in true love can continue not believing in it, and that “their faith will make it easier for them to live and die”(35). She’s basically telling...
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