True Life

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I believe that we create our own future. Every action that we execute affects our future. However, in this case I believe that every action you do, every decision you make, adds to your future. Every action you do reflects on what will happen in the future. We have the ability to shape and draw the neat curve to our life but not everything will go our way. I think of it as “Karma” with a sense of it in one life. I learned through experiences that having an optimistic attitude towards the decisions you make will result in optimistic outcome in your future. On the other hand, having a negative attitude in the decisions you make will result in a negative conclusion. Basically, what goes around comes around. Never ever give a second into thinking that luck plays a role in someone’s gains. One day I saw a young man driving in my dream car, A Lamborghini Aventador, on the street and I said to myself, “Wow... he’s so lucky.” but I know that’s not the truth. Luck never played a role in it. It was his hard work and countless hours he put in his work. He chose his own future. He worked hard and earned his future. Now, you may be thinking how about for a person who wins a lottery? With research, I discovered, it’s the person that has put many years of hard work together, and always been honest with everything he/she’s done. It was a reward, not luck. A quote that Bill Gates once said, “If you’re born poor, it’s not your mistake. But if you die poor, it’s your mistake”. This is not in the context of money but in the context of success. Success is an accomplishment of an aim or purpose. Anyone and I mean anyone can become successful from any situation they are in. An action does not have to have a reaction right away. It could take months, even years. Life is what you make it and it coincides with nothing is impossible. Nothing is impossible plays a big role in our lives. For some, success is to become a celebrity and others are to have a loving family his/her...
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