What is the true image (the ch

Afterlife, Eternal life (Christianity), Sin

What is the True Image of God? Do you believe that God wants the best for his people? Do you believe people should use their talents to their fullest potential? Finally do you wish to live in a backward society? The answers to all these questions are obvious! We all wish to make God happy by using our talents to provide a forward thinking society. If this is the case then you must acquit my clients, Sally and Katherine. They should not be discriminated against because of their special abilities; rather they should be encouraged to use their talents to help society advance. We must leave the judging to God, and try to gain the kingdom of heaven. Who are we to determine whom the true image is? If you believed that you had a harmless but helpful talent which was not of the true image of God, would you use it? Would you like to be discriminated or even sentenced to death because of the talent that God gave you? God wants the best for us and He does so by giving us different talents that can be used in positive ways. My clients' telepathic abilities can be used in many positive ways to make our world a better place and more advanced. For example, they can transport messages halfway across the world within 2 minutes, rather than taking days, weeks or maybe even months. By doing so they save us a great deal of time and money. All of you probably knew that from before but were afraid of them turning against you. As Michael told David, Rosalind and Petra, "They are afraid of us…What they've seen is that we could be a real danger to them…They see it as a matter of survival." (Wyndham.132). Why not work with them instead of against them and lose the feeling of danger inside us? Why not let them go and save yourselves all the trouble? Besides before you ever knew about their ability, nobody was hurt and nothing bad happened to anyone. If they were evil and a danger to us, would they have not destroyed us already? Did they even try to? Why not give them a chance to live and...
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