True Hero of the Odyssey

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Cristy Pariama
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February 17th, 2012
Who is the true hero essay?

In the Homeric epic The Odyssey, Athena depicts the true hero. Throughout the epic Athena has always been tagging along among both Telemachus’ and Odysseus’ journeys. Aside from helping Odysseus and Telemachus she also helped Penelope as well. .On these journeys she has shown many heroic traits which does make her the true hero of The Odyssey.

Athena embodies the character trait of loyalty. Athena is always seen assisting both Telemachus and Odysseus on their voyages, and is the main reason why both went through their coming of age and completed their voyage “The goddess urged him on: “Surely I’ll stand beside you, not forget you, not when the day arrives for us to do our work” (299, line 448). Athena will always stand by Odysseus and she does care for him very much. She is a goddess who depicts loyalty.

Along with being loyal another heroic trait that describes Athena is cogent. Athena is a goddess who tends to get her way, but was helping Telemachus because of her persuasion. “But you, I urge you, think how to drive these suitors from your halls” (86, line 311). Without Athena’s input he would’ve never attempted to find his father or confront the suitors. Athena is the model of cogency.

With cogency Athena has shown that she is also strategic. Athena’s intelligence has gotten her into many victories in war and has helped her with aiding Odysseus, and Telemachus. “ but Athena sent the better part of the salvo wide---- one of them hit the jamb of the great hall’s doors”(447 line 286). With Athena’s guidance and input the war between the suitors and Odysseus wouldn’t go so smoothly. Therefore Athena is strategic.

Above all the true hero in the Homeric epic The Odyssey is Athena. She has shown to be strategic, loyal, and cogent which are the heroic traits which make Athena the true hero. With the traits she was able to help Odysseus and his family through...
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