True Health: A New Perspective

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  • Published : February 22, 2013
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True Health : A New Perspective !

What is true health? So many people are asking that question today and wondering how to find better health. An important question is – how can we satisfy society’s urge to find alternative routes to cure or and remedies outside the traditional capsule and diagnostic method of healing diseases? Many Filipinos now are searching for better healthcare alternatives.

In my recent trips to various malls I have found increasing numbers of Chapels and Church services located in the mall offering Healing Masses and services exclusively for those who have health problems, which are well attended by health seekers. Others in need are taking up herbals, massage, spas and other means to ease their pain and suffering. Although these holistic approaches and services offer comfort, often they do not accomplish permanent healing.

Many of us are now realizing that what we really need to know is the condition of our thoughts regarding discomfort in our physical bodies, and to be aware that bodily suffering is centered in conscious thought, not in body.

Often it seems that we feel stressed and cannot focus on our serenity or regain our peace. We may feel caught up in sadness and feel uneasy, and sometimes pain will then suddenly appear without an explanation or apparent cause. However, when we begin to calm down -- accepting our dominion and demonstrating it -- we start feeling free from any ill will or anxiety. We become more relaxed and ready to respond to any complaints from erring sense. In this way, we can begin to discover that our true health comes from having a peaceful thought, free from worldly inclination and human will.
Yes, it is time to come and think together to help humanity to possess and maintain that dominion which is intact within us . Health is wealth and no matter what our physical body is trying to dictate, it can’t take away the wealth of freedom, dominion and...
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