True Courage: Corey Wood

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  • Published : February 24, 2013
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Rough Draft Sabiha Hansrod
Corey Wood is the best example in representing true courage by risking his life to save others. Being selfless, without thinking twice about himself he risked his own life to save the lives of complete strangers. Showing just how much courage he had, without hesitating Cory went down a treacherous cliff to save the lives of people he didn’t even know. When being recognized he stated “I feel bad that I am getting recognized while some young men died”, this just shows how caring Corey is. He took responsibility. Corey showed a lot of bravery by taking responsibility, he took it upon himself to be their saviour rather than waiting for someone else’s help to come. Many people today wouldn’t try to save the lives of others let alone climb down a dangerous cliff for it. He truly showed how brave he was trying to get them all out by himself. Corey never gave up in trying in getting all four members of the accident out. Just being out in the cold for an hour is too much for us. Corey was out there for several hours trying to save a life that’s not his, with the wave’s pounding on him; you could just imagine how tiring it was. Even when he realized one of the men was not going to make it he never gave up in trying to find a way that would help him, by preparing him for what was going to happen. He never gave in. Again I think Corey Wood is an amazing example to show what true courage is, when showing just how selfless and responsible he was, and his undying will to never give up.
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