True Colors Assignment

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  • Published : October 12, 2010
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Assignment 2-1
True Colors Assignment

True Colors was developed by Don Lowry in 1978 and taught by Dr. Robert Ray Meadows, an Associate Director of 4-H out of VA Tech when I saw it. He was sharing this as a way for us to support people by giving people a tool to think about differences in people. I thought it would be a fun way to think about personalities and supporting people. True Colors uses colors to identify four distinct perspectives and personalities. Understanding your true colors and the colors of your co-workers or classmates, spouse or friends, children or parents, clients and others will bring about new awareness in not only understanding yourself and others, but will make you more effective in your relationships with these important people in your life.

The four true colors make up your character spectrum. Knowing your primary color will provide you clues as to what defines you by identifying your strengths, joys, needs and what causes you stress and frustration.

Your personal and professional success is based, in part, on your self-confidence, esteem, and your ability to communicate effectively with others. True colors provide the key to your success by giving you a way to understand not only how you are motivated, but how to motivate and esteem others, thus increasing everyone’s productivity.

Colors have always been successfully used in the learning process. The four True Colors are gold, blue, orange and green. Each color represents personality types and serves as a tool for discussion and understanding. Every person has a BLEND of these four colors – people are not put into boxes, nor is there any such thing as a purest. The blends make us healthy individuals. Short and Sweet:

Listen to each of these descriptions: Pick the color you think best describes you and type it in at the top of the page on the assignment worksheet provided.
ORANGE - I am adventuresome, skillful, spontaneous, and physical. I like to be playful, competitive, artistic, optimistic, excited, courageous, free and light-spirited.
GREEN – I am futuristic, versatile, inventive and creative and curious. I like to be knowledgeable, logical, independent, observant, and respected.
GOLD – I am responsible, dependable, helpful and sensible. I like to be organized, caring, practical, detailed, generous, productive, useful and thorough.
BLUE – I am communicative, imaginative, harmonious and compassionate. I like to be romantic, sensitive, gentle, genuine, friendly and supportative.
Rules: Working across the line you HAVE to give each group of adjectives a score. The line has to add up to 10. The highest you can give each group is a 7 with each other having a one. You can have any combination as long as the score adds up to 10. After you have worked across each of the 5 lines, total the columns from top to bottom. The highest score is the color that represents you best. The next highest is the blend and so on. The assignment worksheet has been designed to add the rows and the columns for you. Just be sure you type in the yellow bold boxes only or you may cause formulas to not work.

Complete true colors worksheet now.

After completing the worksheet, continue reading this assignment:

ORANGE – Represents “active.” When working with those whose dominant personality type is orange, these helpful hints will help you better understand them:
If you are trying to be their friend: be active with them and do not slow them down. Be energetic and ready to go; be adventurous, optimistic, spontaneous and fun. Compete in their fun when appropriate and do not play the heavy and try to spoil their fun. As adults: compliment their generosity and sense of humor, use a direct, right-to-the-point approach. Get involved in physical activities with them and respect their lack of structure and need for spontaneity. Oranges are stressed and frustrated...
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