True Blood Tv Analysis Paper

Topics: Sexual intercourse, Human sexual behavior, Sexual arousal Pages: 3 (853 words) Published: November 23, 2010
Kimberly Gauthier
English I
Analytical Paper
TRUE BLOOD: Violence in sexuality

True Blood portrays violence in sexuality in a positive light by showing pleasurable yet violent sex scenes. The show portrays these violent acts as being a source of both pleasure and arousal for both participants. Although violence is a recurring theme throughout the entire show, it’s the violence that carries over into the “bedroom” scenes that seems so fascinating. The show has countless sex scenes and more often than not they involve violence, ranging from hair pulling to murdering humans for the purpose of having sex in their blood. True Blood may be showing just how far society has come towards being more open minded about what used to be taboo forms of sexuality.

In the very first sex scene of True Blood, it begins with what society might view as a typical encounter between two young people. A woman is lying on a couch, seemingly uninterested, as a man performs oral sex on her, but he quickly discovers an odd mark on her thigh. The mark he soon realizes are the fang marks from a vampire. Although he seems disgusted at first, he soon becomes intrigued and wants to learn more about her sexual encounter with the dead man. She shows him a video she made of the pair together and he quickly becomes quite aroused. This leads to the show’s very first graphically violent sex scene. Jason hangs Mawdette from the ceiling with her hands tied up in chains, and then proceeds to have sexual intercourse very violently with her. Jason calls her several contemptuous names and then begins to choke her aggressively. Mawdette seems to also enjoy this behavior, as she has gone from uninterested to begging for more. This scene shows what most would consider to be a brutal act, but yet both participants were shown to find it extremely sexually gratifying.

In the second episode of True Blood the show starts off with a horrendously violent scene, not directly involving sex. A...
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