True Blood

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Joshua Hall
Ms. Kendall
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True Blood
During the True Blood series, there were a lot of great aspects shown within the series from each character. The most unique thing about True Blood is each character’s role added great diversity and complexity to the show. As an observer, True Blood makes the viewer absorb the emotions of each character so much compassion coming from each characters role during the series. The dynamics of True Blood, gives the audience the feeling of reality almost so much that one can believe that there are actual vampires in the city of Bon Ton, Louisiana.

The most intriguing part of the True Blood series is how the series begins. The show begins with the most captivating theme music preparing the audience for the super-natural drama. The show begins and it looks more like a movie than your average show. Coming from the whole approach to store when the clerk pretend he was a vampire, and then him really meeting a vampire it really had a dignified the whole mood at beginning of series for me. That made the series so much more arousing to me as a viewer to get much deeper into series as it continued on.

What set the tone in the True Blood Series was the sex scene in the show. The sex was the most arousing part of series because it is unlikely to see a vampire making rough sexual intercourse to a woman who seemed to enjoy it. There was a lot of strong anger and passion expressed between the two that generate the natural mood of why there was so much dirty talking between each other. Which in a way makes it seems so real to people of the viewers that they having real sex. The sex between the characters brings the viewer in closer as we wait to see more of the behaviors that captivate us as humans.

In the True Blood series, all the characters seem to have a strong vibe with each other as series progressed on. Sookie, a telepath, that works in the local bar Merlott’s, can hear what everyone was thinking in her head all...
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