True Beauty of Snow White

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  • Published: April 17, 2012
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Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs is a formulaic fairy tale with its typical events and characters, but consists of the hidden theme of women being inferior to men and symbols and themes expressing how outer beauty is usually chosen over inner beauty in modern time. Whether this impression of present time is considered to be true from personal opinions, society has definitely given credibility to the perceived idea. The major issue with this idea is that many young children, usually girls, watch such fairy tales such as Snow White and the true meaning is indefinitely overlooked. In the modernized version of the fairy tale Snow White and the Seven Dwarves, it is the basic ins and outs of a typical Walt Disney fairy tale. There is a beautiful, young princess whose mother has died of whatever causes, the father marries the evil, envious step mother who works to get rid of the daughter, or in this case kill her off completely. The queen orders a servant to kill her and have her heart in hand, but the huntsman couldn’t bring himself to do so. After bringing a boar’s heart back to the queen, she soon finds out from the magical mirror that Snow White is alive and well. Snow White finds shelter in the seven dwarves’ house and they are willing to provide for the beautiful young girl. Meanwhile, the queen disguises herself as an evil witch on three occasions with the intentions on killing Snow White, being successful on the last try. Here’s when the dwarves place Snow White’s body in a glass coffin, a prince finds her, awakes her with a magical kiss, takes her away to marry her, and of course everyone lives happily ever after. As a result of the revised version of the fairy tale, Snow White’s story is known by nearly everyone. Very few actually know the original tale which is a bit more gruesome and calls for a more mature audience. In this version of the fairy tale, rivalry, intentional murder, and sexual ripening are made more effective. Instead of the evil stepmother attempting to kill her on a number of occasions; it was Snow White's biological mother wanting to kill her because she was more beautiful than the Queen. This alone would be considered scandalous in modern times, but the fact that her biological mother is willingly able to set out to kill her on more than one occasion adds salt to the womb. Also, in the original tale, the blossoming beauty of Snow White refers to her becoming a woman and the urges that come along with the maturing; not to mention the attention received from the dwarves, servant, and prince. For the most part, agreeably both stories contain the same characters. Each character has a vital role and depiction in the story, meaning there are no actual minor characters. They all majorly contribute to the story. The heroin, Snow White, is a beautiful, 15-year-old princess whose only wish is to be whisked away by a prince and live happily ever after. This idea of beauty is held on a pedestal and can cause envy, lust, sometimes unwanted attention. On the other hand, the Queen is evil, middle-aged, and powerful. She represents those willing to do the upmost in order to be accepted and uplifted by the public eye; hence, the envy mentioned above. Meanwhile, all together the seven dwarves and the prince represent the lusting and approving eyes that are blinded by beauty. Those that uplift beauty in this way believe that beauty comes before brains or anything else more prominent or that will take one any further in life and isn’t able to be taken from them. Aside from the characters, a few key details in Snow White worth mentioning are the symbols and their hidden meanings. The astonishing things about these are that they all relate back to the concept of beauty. The poison apple, for instance, has biblical reference; an apple was offered to Eve by Satan. The Evil Queen also offers an apple with evil intentions. Snow White is told not to answer to strangers by the dwarves just as God warned...
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