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Chapter I
The Problem and its Background


In businesses time is very important as the competition is everywhere, the first one to get their product out in the market gets a great advantage. It is basically saying the more time you save the more you can be at the top. One of the keys is that you make sure that every department in the business are functioning efficiently, Accounting, Finance, Production, Marketing or it may create conflicts that may slow down the entire business and may lead you to your loss. It is the duty of the owners to think of ways on how to make the business efficient. It is not easy as they would be considering factors such as cost.

In this study we will use Information Technology to help Bollozos Trucking lessen their problems in their Accounting area by offering a computerized payroll system. The purpose of this system is to minimize the time required in computing the payrolls and lessen the errors. Bollozos Trucking is associated with transporting feeds from suppliers to the feed mills based in Batangas, Lipa city owned by Thelma Bollozos. The business has twenty one employees consisting eight truck drivers, eight assistant of the drivers, three office persons and two working on the maintenance of the trucks. The salary of the drivers and their assistants depends on how many deliveries they made in a week while the office workers and the people assigned in the maintenance gets a regular weekly salary. One of the office employees manually computes the payroll with a sheet and calculator. The computerized system will have the features that will fit their payroll computation. The system then will be evaluated by the business if it will be effective or not.

Background of the Study

Payroll is one of a series of accounting transactions dealing with the process of paying employees for services rendered, after processing of the various requirements for withholding of money from the employee for payment of payroll taxes, insurance premiums, employee benefits, garnishments and other deductions.

There are different types of Payroll system that businesses are using. Small businesses or those who have few employees can use Manual system where a payroll person processes the entire payroll by hand. Inexpensive but you would expect a lot of errors. Mid to Large businesses probably would choose the In-house Computerized system. This system involves the use of softwares and a trained payroll person. You may need a payroll staff depending on how many employees does your company have. Others might choose the Outsourcing system where businesses hire other companies to do their payroll.

Conceptual and Theoretical Framework

The study aims to give an efficient payroll system to Bollozos Trucking by giving them a computerized payroll system. The computerized system offers a faster way in computing the payroll. Not only that, it will also lessen the errors you commit when you do the payroll manually.

The system will be evaluated by the owner and employees by answering a set of questionnaire. This questionnaire will tell if the computerized payroll system gives efficiency to their payroll system or not.

Statement of the Problem

General Problem:
1. This study may improve the payroll system of Bollozos Trucking but may present other problems. 2. What other problems may occur if the new system is applied?

Specific Problem:
1. Can this study improve the payroll system of Bollozos Trucking? 2. The Objective of the study is to improve the payroll system of Bollozos Trucking.

Definition of Terms

Information Technology – is the use of computers and telecommunications equipment to store, retrieve, transmit and manipulate data. The term is commonly used as a synonym for computers and computer networks, but it also encompasses other information associated with information...
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