Truancy: Education and Famous Disciplinary Problems

Topics: Education, Teacher, School Pages: 2 (503 words) Published: December 3, 2012
According to Encyclopedia of Children’s Health (2004), truancy can be defined as unapproved absence from school, usually without a parent's knowledge. It is one of the famous disciplinary problems faced by the school students in Malaysia. Nowadays, this problem seems to be a normal situation for Malaysian as we can see many students loitering in public area even they were dressed in school uniform. Since there is no strict action taken against them, they no longer have the fear in playing truant and this problem keeps repeating from day to day. There are several ways that should be taken by the Ministry of Education to solve the problem of truancy among Malaysian school students which are, impose a truancy fine on parents who let their children absent to school without any reasonable excuse, assign every school in Malaysia to provide programmes for students, and encourage teachers to improve their teaching methods. One of the actions that should be taken by Ministry of Education is to assign every school in Malaysia to provide interesting and beneficial programmes for students such as sports and games, educational field trip and so on. Datuk Mohd Ali Hassan, the National Parent-Teachers Association president, said in an article entitled ‘Truancy among schoolchildren rampant’, “The imbalance of education system which focused too much on academic can cause students to lose focus and interest in their studies resulting to truancy,” (New Straits Times, 30 March 2012). Furthermore, through this action, we can build the excitement of coming to school in students especially for students who has finished their examination. Therefore truancy among school students can be reduced. Not only stick on physical programmes only, the programmes of moral also can be provided to enlighten the students about their responsibilities as a student. Thus, by approaching of ministry programme, it is significantly showed the improvement in student studies. Moreover, it also...
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