Troy vs Iliad

Topics: Homer, Trojan War, Achilles Pages: 5 (2014 words) Published: April 24, 2013
A Comparsion Between The Epic Poem The Iliad And The Modern Film Troy

The film Troy is a movie released in 2004 and was directed by Wolfgang Petersen, and has been influenced by the classical epic poem, The Iliad which has been credited of the Greek poet Homer. Both texts deal with the same subject, the siege of troy which was ended with the trickery of the wooden horse. However the characters themselves are shown with different actions between the two texts which revels different motives and thoughts.

These differences are what are to be discussed today from within the film and the Iliad: Within the Iliad, the war upon Troy lasted for 10, presumably very long years before the wooden horse ploy was developed and put into play, this is very different from what the film Troy depicts, which only has the war last for 17 days before the walls of Troy are breached from within inside. This difference is pretty massive, however there is very likey a practical reason for this length difference, in that there is just too much time to cover over the entire film within three hours, others the film would have had to be split into multiple different parts which it is possible the directors wouldn’t have the budget to fund this massive project which would have been required over several films. The audience appeal would have very likely have diminished over the films, especially considering that there wasn’t always action occurring, such as during the nights with politics taking place.

One of the major differences between the two texts is the role of the Greek Gods. Within the Iliad, the Gods take sides within the Trojan War and are seen fighting amongst the common soldiers. However, in the movie Troy the Gods are barely even mentioned, and are only mentioned when referred to when signs are received. This major difference could be the result of the massive cultural differences between the two time eras, the Iliad, when it was thought to have been written around 8th century BC which would have the prime religion of the time, the Ancient Greek faith which has the 13 major gods on the pantheon. As a result, the gods would have been expected to be present in the stories to be accepted within their society. However with today's society being culturally friendly concerning religion, by having the gods play a major role like they did in the Iliad, the movie would have been very likely frowned upon considering today’s thoughts. However this theory doesn’t hold up that well since the Ancient Greek religion has too all accounts, died out. Perhaps therefore, they were unwilling to write the part of the gods with little information upon them? Afraid to get their facts wrong? I personally believe it was likely as a result of a smaller budget so they couldn’t hire more actors. Whatever the reason, the lack of the gods in Troy left the film with a sour taste in my mouth as i was interested to see how they would portray the gods and how big of a row they would have. The lack of the gods in the film Troy also made the heroes stand out much more, as each indivual hero had less "blessings" for example, Achillies was said to be invincible since he was dipped into the river Styx except for his ankle within the Iliad. However in Troy, Achillies can be seen as a stronger warrior because he could still defeat everyone without having been dipped into the Styx (even if they did have Achillies die by being shot in the ankle). However Troy since it is based off the Iliad, still has its similarities with which it shares. One of these similarities is of Achilles mother, Thetis, and more importantly, what she reveals to Achilles about his fate. "For my mother the goddess, silver-footed Thetis, tells me that twofold fates are bearing me toward the doom of death: if I abide here and play my part in the siege of Troy, then lost is my home-return, but my renown shall be imperishable; but if I return home to my dear native land, lost then is my glorious renown,...
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