Troy and Cory

Topics: Difference, Hatred, Pulitzer Prize Pages: 2 (508 words) Published: September 6, 2012
Andrew James
June 4, 2012
Troy and Cory
The story, “Fences,” is a play written by August Wilson. The book won winner of the 1987 Pulitzer Prize for drama. The main characters are Troy Maxson and Cory Maxson. Some ways they are both similar, is that they both hate one another, and they are alike. Some ways they’re different is that Troy likes baseball, while Cory likes football. Also they both did things opposite. Troy went to jail, while Cory went to the marines. Even though Troy and Cory are similar in some ways, they are different in many ways too.

Troy Maxson is 53, the father of Cory Maxson, and he makes the house rules. Troy hates how Cory doesn’t respect him, so when this happens they both always get to an argument. For example, in the story it states when Cory is being kicked out of his house, “Go on now! You got the devil in you. Get on away from me! Get your black ass out of my yard. “I chose this example because it tells me that Cory is being kicked out from Troy being mad at him. He uses disgrace words to describe Cory. Tory and Cory are both alike because they act like one another. They both talk nicely to Rose, but when it comes to talking to one another it’s always arguing being involved. They are different because Troy likes baseball while Cory likes football. In the story it states, “Baby, it’s you and baseball all what count to me. “ I choose this example because he emphasizes about liking baseball.

Cory Maxson is 17 years old before Troy died and 24 years old when his father died. Cory is the son of Troy and Rose Maxson. Cory follows the house rules of his father, but doesn’t like it, or his father. Troy wasn’t there for Cory because he went to jail for killing people and robbing people to support his family. Cory still didn’t like his father even after he said that. After Cory was kicked out he went to the marines. When he heard his father died, he didn’t even want to go to his funeral because he hated him that much. Then Rose...
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