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1.1 Background of the Study
Leadership is a human subject and as such is a complex matter. Leading others is not simply a matter of style, or following some how-to guides or recipes. Ineffectiveness of leaders seldom results from a lack of know-how or how-to, nor it is typically due to inadequate managerial skills. Leadership is even not about creating a great vision. It is about creating conditions under which all your followers can perform independently and effectively toward a common objective. In real life wherever two or more people gather together, one of them will be a leader. A leader will have a responsibility to his members. He will encourage his fellows to join in and play a central role in defining group goals and in determining the ideology of the group. Kouzes and Posner (1987) as quoted from stated that effective leaders recognize that what they know is very little in comparison to what they still need to learn. To be more proficient in pursuing and achieving objectives, you should be open to new ideas, insights, and revelations that can lead to better ways to accomplishing goals. This continuous learning process can be exercised, in particular, through engaging yourself in a constant dialogue with your peers, advisers, consultants, team members, suppliers, customers, and competitors. According to Mouton (1985:5) leadership is the process of influencing the activities of an individual or group in efforts toward goal achievements in a given situation. An important measure of a leader's own success is the success of his or her followers. The strength of a leader is measured by the ability to facilitate the self-leadership of others. The first critical step towards this goal is to master self-leadership. If leaders want to lead somebody, they must first lead themselves. Lao Tzu (1988) as quoted form stated that as an element in social interaction, leadership is a complex activity involving: (1) A process of influence

(2) Actors who are both leaders and followers
(3) A range of possible outcomes - the achievement of goals, but also the commitment of individuals to such goals, the enhancement of group cohesion and the reinforcement of change of organizational culture.

Literary works and psychology have very close correlation, both directly and functionally. Direct correlation means that literature and psychology have the same object, human life. Literature and psychology have a functional correlation because both of them learn about psychological condition. The difference is that psychology discusses something in real life, but literature discusses imaginary things.

There are three approaches in studying literary psychology, one of them is expressive approach. It discusses the authors (movie's director) psychological aspects when he/she expresses his/her creativity in the work (movie). This expressive approach is focused on pragmatic theory as one of the literary discourse. This theory learns about how a producer means whether implicitly or explicitly. I try to find out producer's expression revealed in this movie and manage to prove that the main character has a really great leadership aspect. In this recent time many films are based on narrative or story that develops characterization and mood. Motion picture, film or movie is an example of art. This form of literary work is considered as the easiest media to convey one's idea or moral value to the audience. Listiyani (2004:132) says that: A film or motion picture is one of literary work...
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