Troubled Teenager Catcher and the Rye

Topics: Lie, Joan Caulfield, Emotion Pages: 2 (729 words) Published: December 17, 2008
Troubled teenager

In this novel Holden not only demonstrates dishonesty by repeatedly lying in various occasions but also shows to be confused as of what he really is. It is also proven that he is a hypocritical person that is just looking to keep his image well even if he has to lie. It is also shown that this character seeks pity from other people in order to make himself feel better.

First off Holden Caulfield is not very shy about lying and even admits it when he lies. He uses false testimony to hide his true identity and for people to feel bad for him. Holden proves that, when he see’s Ernest‘s mother on the train. He says the following “It’s me Holden. I have to have this operation. It isn't very serious. I have this tiny little tumor on the brain." (pg, 58). That was truly a lie in reality as Holden was headed to New to take a little vacation from everything that was going on in his life. Holden lied about being sick because he wanted Ms. Morrow to feel bad for him and give him pity. Holden also appears to use lying to protect his true emotions where he talks during the book that sex should only be performed between 2 people who really care about each other and he also stated that sex should not be a casual thing ,but meanwhile when Maurice asks him if he wants a prostitute to be sent to his room he agrees which shows his inability to stay truthful and put in practice what he says. He uses his lies to pretend he is someone else, and to receive pity from people.

Holden demonstrates throughout the novel that he is a hypocrite in many different occasions. This is shown when Holden goes to the movies, but for some reason repeatedly says that he hates the movies, "If there is one thing I hate, it's the movies." (pg 2), but for some odd reason Holden chooses to attend the movies. The following is proof that Holden goes to the movies "we'd take the bus into Angerstown and have a hamburger and maybe see a lousy movie." (pg 36). In these statements...
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