Troubled Life of a Teenage Girl

Topics: Television, Pregnancy test, Girl Pages: 2 (757 words) Published: December 23, 2012
Is this what it’s all about?

Just another ordinary day hanging out with my friends as teenagers do.. We always used to congregate in a playing field a large group of us of all different ages. We were a harmless bunch always laughing and joking around never taking life to seriously. You could hear the laughter roar for miles we were all young teenagers not a care in the world.. I was happy on top of the world as i was an extremely popular 15year old girl with a great group of friends and a fantastic boyfriend who everyone adored and he was mine! We called ourselves posh and becks and nothing would tear us apart! This one particular day i remember not feeling so great, sitting at home watching tv waiting for my boyfriend to arrive.. on tv homeward bound had just been showed on tv and towards the end of the film i felt very upset and emotional and i couldn’t understand why.. i wiped the tears from my face and turned over the channel.. the news was something i had no interest in whatsoever as a teenager but yet my eyes welled up and i began to cry.. i had no explination of why i was feeling this way.. why these tears where pouring from my eyes.. the door knocks and i quickly compose myself, its my boyfriend. We went up to my room which was a very small room with pale pink walls and cream carpet.. the walls were covered in graffiti god knows why? It starts off a small pencil writing a little love heart with my boyfriends name and it esculated to perminate marker and great big detailed drawings and friends signing their names.. we sat on my small single bed and i started to tell him how i was feeling.. we come to the conclusing that i needed to take a pregnancy test.. test came back positive! My once perfect life came crashing down from that moment.. that night after bein g out with friends hanging in the local park.. in winter darkness.. weather so cold that my face was bright red and as i walked in my house from the cold my hands and face burnt , i think a...
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