Tropical Rain Forest

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Tropical Rain Forest
1.Biome’s place on earth
Where is it (geographical distribution)?
1)Central America in the Amazon River basin.
2)Africa - Zaire basin, with a small area in West Africa; also eastern Madagascar. 3)Indo-Malaysia - west coast of India, Assam, Southeast Asia, New Guinea and Queensland, Australia. What are its abiotic factors?

1)Large amounts of rain during the rainy season, dense foliage, warm all year round. Also the rocks, soil, sunlight and temperature. What are the native plants and their adaptations to live there? 1)Many 'every day' foods originated in rainforests, including tomatoes, peppers, corn, rice, coconut, banana, coffee, cocoa, cassava (tapioca), beans and sweet potatoes. 2)Many large trees have huge ridges called buttresses near the base. They may be 10-12 meters high where they join into the trunk. They increase the surface area of a tree so that it can 'breathe in' more carbon dioxide and 'breathe out' more oxygen. What are the native animals and their adaptations to live there? 1)Animals in the rain forest adaptation in the tree. The common animals are possum, monkey and some reptiles, and insect make the rest of the animals. 2.Attraction/tour packages

Amazon Rainforest Amazon River Anavilhanas Archipelago Rio Negro Ponta Negra Beach Botanical Garden Municipal Park Science Grove Canopy Tours 3.Weather Report

Rich Biodiversity, Poor Soil
When explorers first entered the world’s rainforests, they were amazed by the rich growth of plants, giant trees, dangling vines, and epiphytes. They thought the soil of a rainforest must be very rich. They tried cutting the forest and turning it into farmland. It didn’t work. When a rainforest is burned or cut down, the soil can only be used for a very short time before it runs out of nutrients. Afterward, biodiversity suffers.

Decomposers like leaf-cutter ants, termites, bacteria, and fungi live on the forest floor. These decomposers quickly turn...
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