Tropical Medicine

Topics: Medicine, Asthma, Health care Pages: 3 (1060 words) Published: May 30, 2013
Bown (1995: 37) describes that the pandan tree grows as tall as 5 meters, with erect, small branches. Pandan is also known as Fragrant Screw Pine. Its trunk bears plenty of prop roots. Its leaves spirals the branches, and crowds at the end. Its male inflorescence emits a fragrant smell, and grows in length for up to 0.5 meters. The fruit of the pandan tree, which is usually about 20 centimeters long, are angular in shape, narrow in the end and the top is shortening. In various parts of the world, the uses of this plant are very diverse. A multipurpose plant which providing food, and medicine to the people. This essay will discuss on how a pandan tree can be used as a tropical medicine and its effects. 38 year old Hellen, a mother to three beautiful daughters. Suffers from asthma and every time she has an asthma attack, she always relies on her medication which she gets from her previous medical checkup. But this time at her daughters’ birthday party, she ate prawns in which she got allergic to and had an asthma attack. She took her last dose of medication and was rushed in to the health post where the facilities and medicines were all out of order. She remained calm for a while and still complaining of having chest pain and SOB. Nigel the officer in charge of the rural health post, was told by some of the villagers that if he could allow them to bring in traditional medication for her since the health post is not in good shape. He insisted and the villager went out looking for a traditional treatment for asthma. After 10 minutes the villagers rushed in with all sort of different herbs from the bush and they explain that it is the aerial root (young) of the pandan tree along with leaf buds of the noni tree and it is good for asthmatic people. Asthma the chronic disease comes to play when main air passage of your lungs, the bronchial tubes, become inflamed as a result of which it makes difficult for the air to pass through the obstructed airways (Standard...
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