Trophy Project

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Case Study: Trophy Project

1. Executive Summary4
1.1 Abstract4
1.2 Death of Effective Communication4
1.3 Recommendations4

2. Anallysing the causes5
2.1 Problem Identification5

3. key affected business areas9
3.1 Dearth of Key Business Areas9

4. recommendations10
4.1 Creating a Climate for Change10
4.1.1 Increase Urgency10
4.1.2 Build the Guiding Team11
4.1.3 Get the Right Vision11
4.2 Engaging and Enabling the Whole Organisation11
4.2.1 Communicate for Buy In11
4.2.2 Empower Action11
4.2.3 Create Short Term Wins12
4.3 Implementing and Sustaining Change12
4.3.1 Don’t Let Up12
4.3.2 Make it Stick12
4.4 Implement a Strategic Transformation and Change Management Programme13 4.5 Become a Balanced Scorecard Programme Management (BSPM) Learning Organisation14 4.6 Employ a new Chief Portfolio Officer (CPO)17

4.7 Implement a Continuous Improvement Programme Office17 4.8 Become ISO 9001 Compliant18

5. conclusion19

6. bibliograhpy20

Figure 1: Ohio State Study5
Table 1: Root Cause Identification8
Table 2: Organizational and Performance Characteristics of Different Management Systems9 Figure 2: Kotter, John P, Dan S. The Heart of Change. Boston: Harvard Business School10 Table 3: Recommended Solutions13

Figure 3: Elements of Successful Change Management Programme14 Figure 4: Balanced Scorecard15
Figure 5: BSPM Learning Organisation Value Chain Schematic16 Figure 6: The Emergent Role of Chief Portfolio Officer (CPO)17

Executive Summary

1 Abstract

This paper represents the importance of good leadership in the organisation. Excellent leadership has been defined as the process of social influence. It was Alan Keith from Genentech that made the following comment, “Leadership is ultimately about creating a way for people to contribute to making something extraordinary happen." (Kouzes and Posner: 2008)

The Trophy project was plagued by a dearth of leadership which directly contributed to a lack of trust, a dearth of respect and bad decision making.

2 Death of Effective Communication

Reichart, the newly elected project manager was set for failure from the start. His role and expectations were not clearly communicated. Important vision and mission goals were left to chance. A breakdown in communication left Reichart helpless as he could not express the concerns and all the danger signs as he was told not to meddle.

It is clear that this organisation functions with a top down directive approach as Reichart is often told what to do. According the Ohio State Study, this organisation exhibits low structure and a low consideration culture.

3 Recommendations

This organisation is in dying need of a radical culture change. Resistance to change is inevitable but can be combated if there is a level of personal interest exercised by top management. A new value system is required to be introduced into the organisation. This value system must focus on three key areas, namely: speed, simplicity and trust. A greater level of awareness is required, this pertains to communication, vision and mission statements and the organisations values.

Good leadership will ensure that the right person is selected for the right role. We suggest that the role of top management play a large part of the radical culture change. The introduction of change leaders will be required to generate a culture of change throughout the organisation, but it is imperative to note that culture change must have executive buy-in or run the risk of defaulting to the old organisational culture.

Anallysing the causes

1 Problem Identification

Figure 1 depicts the Ohio State Study...
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