Topics: Troll, Personality psychology, Reality Pages: 1 (373 words) Published: January 12, 2012
Recently, I encountered quite a number of trolls on Facebook, and even though I am a troll myself, I was still quite pissed at them. A troll is a person who aims to have 'pleasure' at your expense, normally through practical jokes, flaming, or by just being a pure jerk. A good example would be to go to an English forum, and start speaking in another foreign language. Or to go to a baseball group and say “baseball sucks.” I think that one of the main causes that motivate people to troll is distance, often together with anonymity. When people use the Internet, especially on a forum, they get the impression that their identities are masked behind the computer screen, and that “nobody knows who they are”, or “nobody can find me”. Thus, they will often say things in anonymous forums that they'd never dare say to someone's face in real life, like insulting, flaming, or making fun of them. Another cause of trolling is denial, or escape. Some trolls are portrayed online as brave and strong characters, the total opposite of their selves in real life, so that they would be looked at in a different light. This group of trolls often fabricate stories, conditions or personalities so that other people will give the attention that they crave for. Revenge also plays a major role in trolling. Some trolls are disturbed, discriminated or filled with hate and resentment. They get pleasure in seeing other people in the same situation as them. Well, thankfully, it is quite easy to deal with trolls. The main aim of trolls is to get attention, to provoke a victim into an emotional reaction, or to disrupt and spoil discussions and conversations. So, to deal with trolls, the best advice is “don’t feed the trolls.” If trolls are ignored, they will lose interest in that topic, discussion or person quickly, and move on to find another target. However, if you do get involved with another user over the Internet, you should check for information that can be verified for legitimacy....
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