Trojan Women

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  • Published : March 12, 2008
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When watching "Trojan Women", people may be struck by the strong emotional range and intensity, which is present in its main theme, the devastation created by war in the lives of women and children. The agony and despair present in the actors voices and the intensity of their actions added to the total success of the play. Each scene deals with barbaric behavior toward women and children, but the three most prominent scenes were when Hecuba questions her faith in the gods, when the men of the Greek army divided the women amongst themselves, and when the messenger returns to tell them that Hector and Andromache's son would have to be killed.

Due to the circumstances that the women find themselves in, they all begin to question their faith in the traditional gods. For example, Hecuba, the Queen of Troy, finds herself questioning her faith in the gods as well as questioning man's dependence on the gods. All of the women expect wisdom and justice from the gods, but they just keep getting treated badly. During this scene, the women's acting skills were important, because the despair and hopelessness in their voices resembled their feelings of abandonment. When things do not go as people hope for them to go, people begin to question their faith in whatever they believe. In the women's minds, they believed that if the gods really existed, they would try to stop the horrible treatment that these women were receiving. After all, why would gods really want children as sacrifices when they should really look down on that kind of treatment of helpless children.

Next, the barbaric treatment of women is evident when the leaders of the Greek army consider the female prisoners as prizes that they won that were to be divided amongst themselves. However, these women are noble women who have served a role to their husbands, and they do not deserve to be treated this way. Watching this scene angered me, because men cannot just expect the women to drop all their morals and move...
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