Trojan Horse

Topics: Franklin D. Roosevelt, Democratic Party, New Deal Pages: 3 (1230 words) Published: April 13, 2013
Political Cartoon Critique

I chose to critique “The Trojan Horse at Our Gate” by Carey Orr, which was published in the Chicago Tribune on September 17, 1935. I found this cartoon at I decided to critique this cartoon because I like the way Orr used the Trojan Horse metaphor to express his political opinions regarding the New Deal. Also, Greek mythology has always been an interest of mine so this particular cartoon caught my eye. Carey Orr was born in Ada, Ohio on January 17, 1890. He was the son of Cassius and Martha Orr. Ada, Ohio is where the Ohio Northern University was founded in 1871 and it being a Methodist university, Ada was a dry, conservative town. When Carey Orr was a teenager he took classes that taught him the basics of cartooning. From a young age Carey Orr wanted to be an artist but could not afford the price of art school tuition. Surprisingly enough, Carey was not only a talented artist from a young age but he was also a skilled athlete and this allowed him to secure a temporary position pitching for a semi-professional baseball team. Carey used this opportunity to save enough money for art school. He eventually enrolled in the Chicago Academy of Fine Arts. At the age of 24 Carey earned his degree and landed a job as a cartoonist for the Nashville Tennesean. Col. McCormick, the chief editor of the Chicago Tribune, recognized Orr’s talent and offered him a full-time editorial cartoonist position which Orr was quick to accept. Orr started working for the Chicago Tribune in 1917 and around the same time started teaching classes at the Chicago Academy of Fine Arts. Orr had a young student at the Academy who didn’t end up succeeding as a newspaper cartoonist but pursued a similar field. That students name was Walt Disney. Carey Orr worked for the Chicago Tribune until 1962 and during his long career as a cartoonist he created over 5,000 original editorial cartoons, color proofs and...
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