Trojan: Gothic Architecture and Word Meaning Word

Topics: Roman Empire, Gothic architecture, Ancient Rome Pages: 3 (1001 words) Published: January 10, 2013
What Trojan hero did the Romans considered themselves descended from? - Aeneas. What Greek historian described and explained Rome’s rise to power? – Polybius Who were the legendary twin brothers who founded Rome in 753 B.C.? - Romulus and Remus What three things did Polybius consider the main causes of Rome’s greatness? Which Hellenistic philosophy taught that we should strive for “pleasure,” defined as the absence of pain? –Epicureanism Which Hellenistic philosophy taught that logos, a Greek word meaning “word,” or “reason,” was the guiding force in the universe? Stoicism What building material did the Romans perfect that revolutionized construction?- liquid cement. What important engineering principal did the Romans utilize to enable the building of structures like aqueducts and domes? - The Romans used columns and arches for support. What was the area of early Rome that served as a center for political, religious, and commercial activity? What event did the Arch of Titus, at the entrance to the Roman Forum, commemorate? From which ancient civilization did the cult of Isis originate? -Egypt Which Phrygian goddess did the Romans look at as the “Great Mother”? -Cybele Know some of the most significant of the Mystery Religions according to the Romans. Which early Christian leader was most responsible for universalizing the message, and making Christianity more than a Jewish sect? Where and how does the Gospel of Matthew urge the faithful to pray? What does the Greek word Christos mean literally? Christos means "anointed; chosen. What Roman Emperor divided the empire into eastern and western halves?- Emperor Diocletian What did the Edict of Milan do? The Edict of Milan legalized Christianity in the Roman Empire. What Greek city did Constantine transfer the capital of the Roman Empire to? Constantine made the Greek colony of Byzantium the new capital of the Roman Empire. He changed its name to Constantinople, which later, in turn, became Istanbul. What...
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