Trix Judicial Speech

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  • Published : December 9, 2012
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Kayla Roofe
Judicial Speech

Do you remember waking up early on a Saturday morning to sit and watch your favorite cartoons? I remember watching all the commercials for toys and begging my mom to go to the store right then and buy that certain something. There is one commercial that sticks out in my mind above all the rest. For a long time it gave me nightmares; having to witness an injustice like that. It was a constant reminder of how unfair this world can be. I can still hear them taunting him... “Silly rabbit, Trix are for kids.” How come they couldn’t just give him some cereal? Why are Trix only for kids? And why were those kids so mean to that poor silly rabbit? These are questions that were left unanswered in my young child mind. The Trix cereal commercial is unjust because it teaches us that no matter how hard you work for something, your dreams will always be ripped away from you by the hands of an unfair society. Today I will demonstrate how the Trix commercial teaches kids about animal cruelty, how to be a bully and portrays a false American dream. Most of you have seen this commercial throughout your years of watching television, but for those of you who were raised by wolves or perhaps were born under a rock I will retell the horrendous plot of the Trix commercial. This basic plot is as follows: 1. Greedy little kids get Trix cereal. 2. Starving Trix Rabbit wants some of his own damn cereal. 3. Knowing that the kids won’t give him any, Mr. Trix Rabbit tries to outsmart them for his cereal. 4. His disguises always fail and the little kids say, “Silly rabbit, Trix are for kids!” “Trix Rabbit, or the face of Trix cereal, has been seen in advertisements since 1960, hunting to fulfill his craving of Trix.” However, the repentant rabbit is constantly shut down by children just before his achievement with the coined phrase, “Silly Rabbit, Trix are for kids!” I feel this is a great injustice that the Trix Rabbit cannot eat his own cereal....
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