Triumph of the Will Point of View

Topics: Paul von Hindenburg, Low-angle shot, Adolf Hitler Pages: 2 (567 words) Published: December 3, 2010
Scene 1 (Opening Scene):
At the beginning of the movie, we see the scene from the point of view of a pilot, who is flying over the city of Nuremburg, showing the vast amount of soldiers and buildings within it. The shadow of Hitler’s plane could also be seen. The focus is on Hitler as he exits his plane, however, we see Hitler from the point of view of the crowd. Many over-the-shoulder shots are used, looking over the crowds, as Hitler’s plane arrives. The enthusiasm of the crowd is emphasised by the use of close-up shots, to show the excitement and smiles on their faces and in their actions, and wide-angle long shots, to show the excitement of the crowds as a whole. Scene 2 (Driving to the hotel):

What appears to be a non-diegetic soundtrack is played as we follow Hitler in his car. This soundtrack emphasises and tells the viewer of the importance of Hitler and of his power and authority, as the soundtrack is very triumphant using many trumpets. Tracking shots are used to follow a set distance from Hitler and looks to be situated in the car in front of Hitler’s, as a dolly cannot be used in this situation for the viewers would see the tracks. This scene, we see everything from Hitler’s point of view, where most of the time the camera is using an over-the-shoulder shot, so we can again see the crowd’s enthusiasm towards Hitler. Later in the scene a few high-angle shots are used both to show the immensity of the crowd, as well as Hitler’s party of cars with himself in the lead. At one point, a low angle shot is used, looking up towards a building (presumably from Hitler’s general area) to show the masses of people at the windows and ledges of the building. This same shot also shows us the extremely large Nazi flag hanging from the top of the building, symbolising the greatness and importance of Hitler and his party. There are actually many cases where the tracking-low-angle shot is used, slowly looking up, as if someone in one of the cars were looking up at an...
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