Triumph of the Will

Topics: Adolf Hitler, Germany, Germans Pages: 1 (295 words) Published: December 3, 2012
I found the video of the 'Triumph of the Will' extremely powerful and mind blowing to how the nation was completely indoctrinated by the propaganda that Hitler produced around Germany and how he had the people of Germany on his side and in awe of him. They supported him with his every move and new law he introduced to them. I found the video amazing to how the people came in thousands to show their appreciation, as if it was some kind of God that had just arrived, even young children looking up to him. The way he had his soldiers and young boys marching and supporting him also showed what a success he was and the video showing them in the camp all getting ready and preparing themselves for him, washing and cleaning and grooming themselves just astonished me to how he could convince the men and children to do this and how is propaganda really made a difference to brainwash them into taking orders and following him, as they all look as if they are having a great time, as if they have no idea of what's to come with the war. The speeches show such powerful enthusiasm and great pride of their country, that Germany is the best, their race, culture and everything that belongs to Germany, as if there will be nothing ever better than Germany. The men speak very fondly about the country and their speeches are so powerful and convincing that it would make anyone change their attitude or ideas about Germany, that to be pure German or to be any part of Germany was so very precious as their country was the best and it was increasingly becoming a much stronger and better country with 'The Furher!'
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