Triumph of Feminism Like Water for Chocolate

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  • Published : September 12, 2010
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Throughout history male dominated societies have been prevelant. The primary structure of the household has been patriarchial for the most part. Some women have accepted this condition; others women, however, find strength and pride in their sex and have thus ignored the norms of male domination. In her nove, Like Water for Chocolate, Laura Esquivel comments on feminism and society’s instated role for women. Through the story’s protagonist, Tita, Laura depicts a women in her traditional role and shows shows how she deters from what she is expected to do and how she is expected to act and embraces life in the manner she wishes to do so. Ultimately, Laura Esquivel utilizes Tita’s role as a women, cooking, and her nience, Esperanza, to depict the triumph of feminism.

Laura instills the traditional role of the women in Tita as a symbol of her feminity and strength. Though Esquivel;s motive is to show how women triumph in society, she uses the very stereotypical view of women that has imprisoned them to their condition as the tool in which they utilize to liberate themselves of such a condition; it is through Tita’s role as a motherly and house keeping figure that shes finds her identity, strength, and ability to influence others. Luara esquivel shows that “Tita’s doman was the kitchen where she grew vigorous and healthy on thin corn gruels. This explains the sixth sense tita developed about everything concerning food” (Esquivel 5). Though women have been often degraded to only being useful in their motherly and house keeping roles, Tita embraces it and it serves as the source of her livelihood. This glorifies feminine strength in that it brings to the forefront the importance of this role in society. Furthermore, Esquivel comments “ That world was an endless expanse that began at the door between the kitchen and the rest of the house, whereas everything on the kitchen side of that door, on through the door leading to the patio and the kitchen and...
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