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Ben Thayer
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Spontaneous Adventures

It was a typical Saturday morning, waking up on the futon next to my friends. Though, it was earlier than usual, we woke up hungry for an adventure. Almost immediately after waking up we began making plans for the day. Finally, we came to an answer: Funtown Splashtown. We were all pretty content with our original idea, until Funtown was one upped by my own idea: Water Country. Within the hour we were ready to leave; clean and full with a hearty breakfast. The three hour trip to Portsmouth may have been just as fun as the park itself. One thing I’ll never forget; the faces of people in bypassing cars; laughing hysterically at us in our Mitt Romney masks, accompanied by some rather stylish aviators. Even after a few roadblocks -both literal and figurative- we managed to time the drive perfectly, ending up at the gates of Water Country just as they opened. Though the ride was surprisingly enjoyable, this is where the real run began. We took care of business first; bought our locker, found a meeting place, and refilled our tanks. Surprisingly, we managed to take care of all the things we were used to our mothers doing. Now it was time to enjoy ourselves. As we rushed to the biggest slide in the whole park, we separated into pairs and prepped for the thrill awaiting us. Upon reaching the top of long, wet staircase -after a thirty minute wait- Sam’s slight fear of heights got to him, and so he returned to the bottom of the slide to watch as we flew out the end of the long, dark tunnel. I think the freedom we experienced that day was what made up most of the fun; being able to leave the state and go to a water park, without our mothers watching over us each and every second. No siblings to watch or rules to follow, we were finally free to enjoy the day. And so we did; creating lots of memories and experiencing what was, arguably, the best trip I’d ever been on. When the park closed we made our way to downtown...
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