Triple Package

Topics: Happiness Pages: 3 (753 words) Published: March 15, 2015
Angeli Castelltort
Mr. Boyd
AP Lang
29 September 2014

Based on the editorials I have read, I have observed several pros and cons of the Triple Package Traits. The Triple Package Traits consists of three qualities – superiority complex, insecurity, and impulse control – traits that some people believe to be necessities in order to have a successful life. This also brings up an argument of how these traits are also the reason why some groups are believed to be more successful than others. However, I completely disagree. I am against the Triple Package because not only do I believe that it has more disadvantages than benefits, but their definition of “success” is only measured within the materialistic things as opposed to what really matters.

The Triple Package is not exactly a necessity to succeed in life. Francis Collins was a child of the “hippy-dippy” parents, Margaret and Fletcher. Their family did not depend on the Triple Package for a successful life and yet, Francis is the current head of the National Institutes of Health and an MD/PhD. Not to mention, they are completely happy and satisfied with their lifestyle, which may not be enough for most immigrant families who always want more. This family represents the families that managed to prosper without adapting to these three traits. Though some groups find the Triple Package beneficial, it is still possible to achieve without it.

Furthermore, because of the Triple Package, parents have adopted unconventional methods to motivate their kids instead of loving and nurturing them. For example, writer Amy Chua held an interview with New York Times as they wrote, “In retrospect, these coaching suggestions seem a bit extreme”, after she described how she once threatened to burn her daughter’s stuffed animal if she did not play the piano perfectly (pg. 4 par 15). They also used the “insecurity motivator”, making the child feel like their best will never be good enough (“Why only a 99 %?”) so they...
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