Trip to the Library - Narrative

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  • Published : November 2, 2010
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The air sent a chill down my spine as I made my way onto the Paradise Valley campus. Although the air brisk the sun was shining brightly above helping to guide my far from gloomy journey to the library. Today was no ordinary excursion to the library but, a day of new findings and research. Pulling on those heavy glass doors to enter; we immediately feel surrounded by a sense of comfort and adventure. Endless shelves of books reach to the ceiling, cover the walls, and scatter throughout the entire library. Computers with bright screens and hardworking students typing away fill the atmospheres silence. An entire wall of DVDs and movies gives an alternative option to borrowers beyond text. A coffee station and bean bags help offer comfort and convenience to all who walk into this library. Statues stand tall proclaiming their stories, paintings fill in all empty spots on the walls, and artifacts from all over the world FILL glass cases throughout the library. I begin to take a much closer look at these interesting pieces of artwork around the library. Upon showing my interest in the artwork; I found that most of the pieces were kindly donated to our school by Jo and Warren Braxton’s collection of Native American arts and crafts. I also became aware that our library was soon going to be named after these guys to honor their hundreds of pieces of work that they had donated to Paradise Valley. I began weaving in and out of the cases filled with pottery of all shapes, sizes, colors, techniques, and textures. Baskets woven with such intricate technique and expression sit amongst clay figurines painted with watercolor; as wooden instruments, toys, weapons, and tableware find their place amongst these as well. I saw myself interested in the passion exhibited by these tribes on such timely pieces of work and took into account how hard our hands work (or don’t) in producing such simplicities in our everyday lives. Taking this concept into account I became intrigued with one...
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