Trip to London

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Trip to London
Ketura Delisca
Here I am sitting on the plane to London for the third time. I know, three is an awful lot of times considering how expensive tickets are nowadays. It’s just I haven’t been able to decide whether or not I am ready to leave everything behind. Everything , as in my cute apartment, my adorable cat, and best of all my friends, the same friends who met me the first day of kindergarten; The same friends who helped me through thick and thin, from tying my shoes to making new friends, to applying to colleges, and so much more, I can’t even tell you all the things they’ve done for me because there are so many I can not list them all. When I think of them it makes it harder to leave, but it’s time that I go. My dream, ever since I was little, was to be the best singer there ever was. Growing up, I used to write my own songs. That was when my mom was alive. She loved to hear me sing. She loved the music, and lyrics I wrote. I went to college for music, got my Bachelors of Music’s Degree, I learned about theory, aural skills, piano skills, acting and received private lessons. During the sophomore year of college I was introduced to a producer, from there things vaulted upward. I started singing at places in Boston, Toronto, Montreal and places all over the United States, I had sung everywhere, but I had never left the country. The first time I was supposed to leave was to sing for the soccer game in France. To sing their National anthem, but that year my mother had died. I never got on the plane. The second time I was recruited to sing was a couple of months later. At that time one of my close childhood friends was getting married there was no way I was missing that. Now finally, I’ve decided to go to London, this time I’m not going to miss an opportunity. This time I’m prepared, ready for anything that heads my way. I’m looking forward to this trip to London, there’s no turning back. The only thing I’m taking with me are my memories....
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