Trip to Haiti

Topics: Port-au-Prince, Landing, Team Pages: 2 (567 words) Published: February 8, 2012
Aldo Campbell
Narrative Essay
January 24, 2012
Trip to Haiti
As long as I can remember, I had always wanted to fly on an airplane. As I got older I dreamed of traveling to another country. I had a desire to see new places and learn new things. I wanted to experience a new culture, the food, the language, and another way of life.

The church I had been attending had a pastor who would coordinate mission trips to Haiti every year. I approached the pastor and inquired how I could get involved and possibly join the team. Before I knew it, I was assisting with fundraising, packing supplies, and coordinating donations for children’s activities.

Now it was time to load the vans with all the luggage and team members, and head to the airport for our flight to Haiti. I was so excited and very fearful of not knowing what to expect with this new experience. The luggage was checked in, and as we received our boarding passes, I was able to process my feelings with the pastor before boarding the plane. The plane started up its jet engines, and the stewardess announced over the intercom, “We are now ready for takeoff; please make sure all tables tops are put away and your seat belts fastened.” My heart began to tremble. I started to shake just as the plane began moving. Not being fully aware, I had to go through this “takeoff process” three more times before actually getting to our final destination; I totally forgot what goes up must come down. “Oh shit”, just happened to be my favorite words to use during the “takeoff and landing process.” Alcohol seemed to help a little.

Now that we finally reached our destination of Port Au Prince, Haiti, my expectations and thoughts of this new adventure took many twists and turns. As I stepped off the plane; I saw many unbelievable sights of poverty, dysfunction, and things that were just ass-backwards wrong. The airport was engulfed with Haitians, swarming people, as they struggled to find a way out of this...
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