Trip to Arizona

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Jessica Anderson
April 2, 2013
Intermediate English

Trip to Tuscan, Arizona
Have you ever been to some place that was more of where you wanted to be but also didn’t want to be at some point of time? Try taking a vacation somewhere you have never been. When I was fifteen years old, I went on a vocational trip to Tuscan, Arizona with my favorite uncle and his amazingly cool wife. We attended many different things and went to many different places. I also got to ride on the tall mountain which at that point was a cool thing. There were some things that made me unhappy and some that made me dramatically excited.

While heading to Arizona, I must say that I slept majority of the way until we made frequent stops. The drive was entirely too long, tiring, and yet boring. Being the youngest person traveling with them, I seen lots of new things that were explained to me as we seen and passed them. It was kind of good and bad that the drive was four and a half days long. We traveled in my uncle’s Cadillac Escalade which made the ride smooth and the air was blowing gracefully. We really needed it because we traveled through some hot weather to get there. Along the way, we stopped at many restaurants which I think had some horrible food until we stopped at Burger Palace. They had some of the biggest burgers I had ever seen and they were quite tasty. Our last day traveling on the road before arriving to Arizona, we stopped at an incredibly huge water park and from there to Days Inn Hotel where we stayed.

The following morning after leaving the Days Inn Hotel, we decided to change hotels simply because another family was given our room keys to stay there and they entered the room while we were asleep. As we looked to find a hotel to live in we came across The Hampton’s Inn and that became the place where we lived. Once we were settled in, we went out for breakfast and we to the Gohaman Beach where we seen lots of unusual things. We made our own fun because the people...
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