Trip of My Dreams

Topics: Caribbean Sea, Caribbean, Cuba Pages: 1 (326 words) Published: November 8, 2010
The Trip of My Dreams
It all began in a small and beautiful island in the Caribbean Sea named Puerto Rico. My name is Ricardo and I study in the University of Cayey in Puerto Rico .This story is about one particular dream that I got one day very especial, but at the end I realize something that changed my life in many different ways. I was driving through a very bad weather to my house were tree falls and rain block my view of the road. In the middle of the way to my house I saw a rare guy with white clothes that salute me and smile. It was there that my dream began. The sunny day of a Wednesday makes me feel amazing and prepare for that day in the university. I get up, eat my breakfast and take all the stuff to begin my journey to that day. When I get to the university I saw all my friends on the classroom. Entered to the room where anybody is looking and when I looked I feel like if I doesn’t exist. I start to get panic because I can’t even touch anyone of them. Then a girl with a red dress came to me and told me that I was dead because I got an accident in the car the day that the weather was really bad. We start talking and all the things that she said to me don’t make any sense because that day I came to my house and start eating with my family. It was there where I start looking for all the details to know what really happen that moment in the car. I feel like I was alive because there was something in my head that keep telling me that. I take my car and went to the part of the road where the little girl told I die in that accident.
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