Trip and Shaw's Relationship in Glory

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  • Published : November 2, 2012
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The film “Glory” has the brilliance of a complex, interesting, and rounded character known as Trip. Every so often, Trip displays the harsh racial issues during the Civil War. Trip is a runaway slave who has immense anger toward his country and white men. Because of the anger, he speaks time after time with bitterness toward blacks and whites. Throughout the movie, Trip feeds off Robert Gould Shaw to become a man as well as to release all his anger toward the whites and the country. Trip has clashes with a number of characters including Thomas. In one scene, Thomas wants to be close to the opening on the tent and use it in the moonlight. However, because Thomas is educated and behaves similar to a white man, Trip isn’t willing to give Thomas the spot. Trip also says that there will be no blue suit for the black soldiers because they are for the white soldiers. He means that blacks aren’t equal, even if they are fighting for the same side. Trip lets his comrades know from the start that even though they are at war for their country, not a single thing will change for the blacks. Trip is hard to work with, and this makes him have a variety of problems with other characters. Every so often, it just looks as if Trip has a score to settle with the world. When Trip is able to resolve his anger with a higher purpose, he will be able to release all the pain and become a proud soldier who is fighting for what he knows is right. In the scene where Trip is given the honor to hold the country’s flag in battle, he declines it because he believes that either they lose or win the war. The blacks still gain nothing. Trip has prevailed over a few personal conflicts before the end of the film, most of which include his feelings to blacks. Trip realizes that he is full of hate and he has to “Ante up and kick in like men. LIKE MEN!” He says this when Rawlins stops him and slaps him. At this point, Trip changes because he understands that they are all fighting for a good...
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