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Banned book essay
Katrina Foga
English 200
Banned book essay

I personally think that The Absolutely True Diary of a Part- Time Indian should be read in school. I think if should be read in school because it catches my attention, illustrations helps me understand the book and helps you see what life is like for people in different cultures and makes you appreciate your own life

Most books that I read don’t catch my interest. For example the books that we read last year in English 100 of Mice and Men, and Night where all boring books to me so I didn’t read them but The Absolutely True Diary of a Part- Time Indian is different. This book can relate to the regular teenage life, with juniors struggle that he goes through in the book. Sherman Alexei has a good sense of humor so he makes the book more fun and interested to read.

I love reading books like The Absolutely True Diary of a Part- Time Indian because of how the author puts a lot of description into the book and that’s what makes me want to read. I love to picture how setting and people look in books but mostly because of his illustrations. His illustrations help me understand his feeling more. Just like the one on next page. This illustration that he did showed him who he felt how poor he was compared the rest of the kids that he goes to school with at Reardan.

I love to read this book and think it should be read in school because it helps people understand a different culture and makes you want to appreciate your life and the things that you have. Before I read this book I didn’t know how life where for Indians. But reading the book it showed me perspective of the life of Indians and made me understand their struggle, and values in life. It makes you want to appreciate the things you have in life because it shows you that not all people have a good wealthy like. Junior’s family was poor and didn’t have very much money to live off of.

I don’t think that The Absolutely True...
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