Trinity Church

Topics: African American, Black people, Sub-Saharan Africa Pages: 2 (589 words) Published: April 26, 2011
The Trinity Bapitist Church, like most churches, saw themselves as being a positive addition to the African American community. After reading both the article and readings from Karenga, I found it hard to formulate the opinion that they didn’t. However, there were a couple of things that stood out to me as I read along. What I noticed that it did not agree with the historical role that Karenga articulated. Karenga states that the church stressing historical continuity would never be made (Karenga 264). I found this to be an interesting remark because it states that even though the church is supposed to be a spiritual place for people to congregate, they don’t teach the idea of social activism and the history of slavery. However, Reverand Wright saw otherwise because within the church he belonged to, African Americans were the minority. He stated that race in part, an assertion of self-determination, a declaration that no church is culturally natural (Sanneh). I can almost see why he would make this statement, being that because his race was the minority, he would make sure that they were not underrepresented. However, many people from the outside may not see it as that way, and they would assume that this particular community probably did not speak about the idea of religion being inclusive of slavery because it would not relate to their majority, being those outside the black race. However, many may question how this would even be possible when Christianity was not the first religion of African people, being that it was imposed on them during the time of slavery.

The Black Liberation Theology was inclusive of steering Black people away from the Black church. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. felt that it was necessary to have religion, which was consistent with Wright. King felt it was a social and spiritual function (Karenga 266). However, he felt that religion should depict the aspects of his experiences, which makes perfect sense because how else would one find...
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