Topics: Employment, The Weakest Link, Training Pages: 2 (383 words) Published: March 1, 2013
One of the most important factors when it comes to hiring new employees is making sure they are adequately trained for their job. It's an obvious correlation, but sometimes poor training can still happen and cost both lots of time and money to the business to retrain the employee and make sure they can do their job confidently. So, what is the true impact of poor training programs on employees? Feeling less satisfied at work

A happy employee means a smooth running business. If your employees haven't been properly trained, then they could eventually feel unsatisfied at work, feeling the stress from their job, and not performing as well. If there isn't a strong encouragement of communication, this could also lead the employee to not speak up about their dissatisfaction and could potentially lead to someone leaving the company, making you do the hiring process all over again, or continuously doing their job poorly. Producing less than stellar results

When an employee is poorly trained, this can affect the entire business--especially when it's a small to medium sized business. Everyone contributes to the success of a business and the weakest link can drag down sales and daily routines, which can unfortunately be attributed to poor training. Scheduling additional training

We are all busy, especially when trying to run a business. Time is very important and having to reschedule hours worth of training for an employee who wasn't trained correctly in the first place can be a huge time drain for everyone. Rescheduling means working with the employee's schedule, your own schedule, and making sure they can complete the entire training requirements within a deadline while trying to fill in their current role. Compensating for new training

Just as important as time, money can factor in when employees are paid for their time during training. If they aren't trained properly, that means spending that extra money in order to make sure they have all of the right training and...
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