Triggers of Violence

Topics: Foot, Causality, Body odor Pages: 2 (530 words) Published: March 2, 2013
Alicia Maddox
Baker College
Essay 2

People don't understand the importance of footcare it sounds like something simple but it is an important part of your daily health. For example if you trim your toe nails to low it can cause an ingrown nail which can lead to an infection( All South Bay Footcare). Corns or caluses on the toes are a result of wearing where there isn't enough room for your toes too move around and wearing shoes that are to loose can be the cause of caluses and corns. There are many things that are unhealthy when it comes to the care of our feet. For instance stinky feet is a problem that many people have,however odor of the feet isn't also caused by being unclean it's actually caused by a bacteria that thrives in the uria of your foot sweat. Bacteria releases toxins and that causes odor. There is a solution for foot odor (Y! Answers)put a sage tea into a foot bath or the tub and soak your feet for 15 min. The tea bags act as an astringent to dry the skin and prevent excessive sweating. Feet are an essential part of the human body and they deserve the upmost respect and care. Alot of women do not care for their feet properly what don't understand proper care of feet go beyond pedicures you also have to eat right to keep your feet healthy. Your deserve love in the winter too not just the summer and spring. There is a such thing as disrespecting your feet and shoes for example if you don't change your socks on a daily basis that is direspectful to your feet and the shoe as a result of you not changing your socks your feet and shoes stank. Why spend excessive amounts of money on shoes if your feet stank or if your foot isn't right for the shoe that is a shame. If you truly don't know how to care for your feet there are professionals who will help you( Wearing high heeled shoes can cause alot of discomfort to the foot that can result in corrective surgery. The...
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